Testimonials for Marshall Freeman


Helpful and kind. Thank you to the staff for making a a very difficult thing easier and for all their support.

by , on Nov 1, 2018

We have been using Marshall Freeman for the past 8 months. They have proven themselves to be a trusted and valuable business partner. Their online portal makes it easy to upload and monitor our debt portfolio. I have found their collections team are very consistent in delivering on our high expectations and professional/ethical standards. I have no hesitation in recommending Marshall Freeman for their debt recovery services.

by , on Oct 30, 2018

Fantastic Service they guys are getting results !!

by , on Oct 26, 2018

Had an on-going debt with the local pub, dragged out on who was to pay the invoice between lessee and owner. This went on for one year until I had Marshall Freeman intervene, less then two weeks from formally lodging the debt I was paid the amount owing into my account. The costs of the collection out way the principal of being paid for your work and in this case was more of the little guy having a win for once. Appreciate the help they have given my company T.Cooper TCElectrical

by , on Oct 22, 2018

Big thanks to the Marshall Freeman team. Without their professional and outstanding service we would never have got the matter resolved so efficiently and successfully. Amazing results all round. Thanks again

by , on Oct 3, 2018

I switched to Marshall Freeman after having no luck with another agency. In just 3 months all my overdue accounts have been paid in full. I'm staying on board until next year because the slow payment letters have been really useful. Thanks Marshall Freeman !

by , on Oct 1, 2018

Marshall Freeman are upfront, professional and honest. They have assisted me with numerous outstanding debts but also with ways to improve my small at home business. The contract was very upfront and explains clearly what they can and can't do which I like. I understand not everyone is going to pay but I am forever grateful for the money that has come in and the guidance for the future. Would def recommend

by , on Sep 18, 2018

Excellent support and good results. We couldn't have achieved more if we did not outsource our debt collection to MF. Happy ghoul recommended

by , on Sep 17, 2018

response quickly and work professionally! recommend for anyone who is looking for debts collection services!

by , on Sep 14, 2018

Marshall Freeman successfully recovered all my overdue accounts and I couldn't be happier. They also provided me with terms of trade to avoid the issues I was having.. I have used other collections agencies in the past and Marshall Freeman are a cut above the rest. The business consultant Kat was thorough at explaining all the services and really caring and understanding. I highly recommend these guys!

by , on Sep 6, 2018

Thank you Marshall Freeman Collectors for the work you do in recovering our unpaid invoices. As a Small Family owned company we struggle to keep on top of our unpaid invoices. You have lifted the stress off our shoulders so we can go out and focus on bringing in new work instead of chasing after unpaid accounts.. Your staff have educated our little company on how to better protect ourselves against bad debt, even with having some accounts that have been uncollectable, we are still in a better position than where we were before engaging your services.

by , on Aug 28, 2018

I am a small business owner and I found the service from Marshall Freeman professional. The staff are great at assisting and were able to collect payments and settlements on my overdue accounts. I would recommend their service to others.

by , on Aug 28, 2018

Marshall Freeman helped me collect an outstanding tenancy debt with great ease, their customer service was fantastic and collection specialists were extremely helpful. Would definitely recommend.

by , on Aug 10, 2018

Thanks Marshall Freeman for taking the stress out of collecting money for Verto Kitchens. As soon as we engaged your services the client paid straight away. And the extra knowledge of the contracts will really help my business in the future. Tim Banks Verto Kitchens

by , on Aug 9, 2018

I have been happy with this service. I run a business and I dont have the time to chase outstanding accounts. This collection agent has gotten money from people I didnt think would pay! Online system easy to too.

by , on Aug 7, 2018

For a small business owner I found the service from Marshall Freeman professional and supportive. The staff are happy to assist and were able to obtain payments and settlements on my overdue accounts. I would happily recommend their service to others.

by , on Aug 1, 2018

Great experience, collected the majority of my debts in a reasonable time apart from a client who went bankrupt. Would use again if the situation arises.

by , on Nov 16, 2017

Collected my debt in under a month, was surprised they found the guy.

by , on Oct 28, 2017

Great service and excellent results, highly recommend.

by , on Oct 27, 2017

Great results, saved a huge amount of time whilst retaining members, would definitely recommend.

by , on Oct 3, 2017

Very professional, will definitely use these guys again.

by , on Sep 22, 2017

Marshall Freeman have been a great asset to our business and have helped recover debts we thought we would have to write off. Very professional and easy to deal with, I would highly recommend.

by , on Sep 19, 2017

Without Marshall I would have lost a lot of money. With their professionalism they help retain my business.

by , on Sep 16, 2017

We have had the pleasure of working with Marshall Freeman as our leading accounts receivables partner for the last 2 years. We have worked with a number of other collection agencies previously, however I can honestly say that these guys are the real deal. The only regret we have is not bringing Marshall Freeman on board earlier. Job well done and thanks for the continued support!

by , on Aug 25, 2017

Having been a client of Marshall Freeman for over 8 years, the task of debt collecting is extremely challenging but they do so with complete honesty, understanding and transparency. I have never had anything but honest and pleasurable experiences with them. Would highly recommend to other businesses.

by , on Aug 4, 2017


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